SCFE (Salamanders' Console File Explorer) is an innovative approach to exploring files directly from the console. Forget about boring cd and ls commands, and discover a new tool developed from the ground up with productivity and ease of use in mind. The best thing about it? It is completely free and cross-platform so that you can go on with your life without worrying about a piece of software. You can now fly through all your files with ease on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.



SCFE is built on top of Viu, a brand new library built to create complex dynamic UIs in the console that are accessible to everyone and can support a complex ecosystem of shortcuts. Viu will eventually be open-sourced for use in further projects.

SCFE benefits from a powerful DOCUMENTATION that can help any user, beginner or advanced to find more powerful ways to use the application. If you have any question about how to use any of the features or are wondering if a specific functionality is implemented in the application, the documentation is here for this.

Our Team

  • Matthieu Stombellini | salamanders' lab

    {Matthieu Stombellini}

    [Project Manager] Is salamander' Lab's hero. Passionate developer since the age of 14, Matthieu has mainly developed in Java until now. This project represents for him a way to discover new horizons. Furthermore, his broad coding experience allows him to be a great team manager for the project. As, indeed, his experience allows him to be of great development support but also knows inside-out the tricks of getting a project out.

  • {Mathieu Rivier}

    Is the mind behind the brand. New to Back-end development, Mathieu has although, a solid background in front-end development. His baggage enabled him to take in charge the making of the website alongside back-end development such as the user input part of SCFE.

    Mathieu Rivier | salamanders' lab
  • Francois Soulier | salamanders' lab

    {Francois Soulier}

    Is the Object-oriented fanatic. Also new to Back-end development, Francois is eager to learn new coding languages and is notably the man responsible for the File I/O in SCFE. Besides, he also assisted Mathieu in the troublesome and fastidious duty of creating the core UI of SCFE.

  • {Rakhmatullo Rashidov}

    Is the documentation lord. Unlike others, Rakhmatullo had experience in development and took on some significant parts of the project. Although, his most striking work is without a doubt in the documentation on which he worked on collectively with Matthieu and Mathieu.

    Rakhmatullo Rashidov | salamanders' lab