SCFE : 1.1.0

Important bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue in which Mac and Linux users could not use COM mode

  • Fixed an issue in which Mac and Linux users could not use Git init

SCFE : 1.0.1

This version of SCFE is the first full version of the application the team has made accessible to the public. IT IS FULL OF NEW SUPER EXCITING FEATURES. We are proud to be able to present to you a fully finished product! This versions brings amongst many other things:

Git integration:

We are proud to announce that the SCFE app now fully supports Git integration and this on every platform we support. The supported features include:

  • All the normal actions you can do on git

  • A really simple way to use git with smart and meaningful shorcuts

  • A privacy concious policy : We do not store any password you enter on the app and we hide your passwords when you enter them

  • If you want to learn more on how to use git in SCFE, please refer to the Basics III of our documentation.

COM mode:

If you have been following the project from the beggining, you will know that we, from the start, had the intension of integrating a COM mode to SCFE. This is now thing done!

COM mode is essentially to SCFE what your console is to you. It allows you to use commands just as you would with your terminal within the app itself. This is exciting because it gives a whole new level of possibilities to the app. And we hope, it will make you, more experienced users, more at ease with the software.

Supported OS:

  • A Windows version - with installer

  • A macOS version - with installer

  • A fully working downloadable version for Linux

Other improvements include:

  • Multitple sorting methods

  • Auto Refresh feature : No longer do you have to manually refresh when creating or adding a new folder/file outside of SCFE. The app now refreshes itself :D.

  • macOS and Linux fixed issue : Not being able the delete when writing in certain cases.

  • and a lot more of general bug fixing


Please be patient, the report is coming soon :D.

SCFE : 0.7.3 BETA

Please note that the BETA uploads of the application assume that you have .NET core 2.2 (or later) already installed on your machine.

This upload contains some major improvements on the SCFE project. The former notably includes:

  • a working application

  • a faster execution

  • a substantial amount of bug fixes

  • support of complex workflows

  • other general improvements


[Second Defense's Report] This is the support paper for the second defense of the project. It offers a comprehensive and detailed account of what has been accomplished throughout this second part of the project. In the former, major advancements and milestones have been accomplished/reached. Those include:

  • A working main application: See Download Links

  • A working Website: hosted at

As one might imagine this is truly an exciting time and we cannot wait for the first user feedbacks to come in. Those will, of course, be of fundamental importance to surely enhance the application furthermore. The team is proud to share with you the app and the report accounting for the progress we made this term.

Latest Uploads: (App)

Version Application Upload Date Download Link
1.2.0 SCFE ../06/19 Coming Soon
1.1.0 SCFE 16/05/19 Download for MacOS
Download for Windows
Download for Windows (no installer)
Download for Linux
1.0.1 SCFE 12/05/19 Download for MacOS
Download for Windows
Download for Linux
0.7.3 SCFE | BETA 22/03/19 Download for MacOS
Download for Windows

The Reports:

File Application Upload Date Download Link
Report: Final SCFE 17/05/19 Download EN Download FR
Report: 2 SCFE 19/04/19 Download
Report: 1 SCFE 12/03/19 Download
Book of Specifications SCFE 22/02/19 Download